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Breast Reconstruction

Regain Yourself

We provide comprehensive team based approaches to breast cancer surgery in conjunction with superb oncologists and breast surgeons.  The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore a women's form and function after mastectomy or lumpectomy procedures all while maintaining a gentle and comfortable environment.

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Refined Results

This procedure, like all others we perform at Aesthetiq Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, is done with precision, comfort, and professionalism.  Great pleasure is taken in delivering high quality results.

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Breast Augmentation

Redefining Beauty

The breast augmentation procedure is among our most popular at Aesthetiq Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.   Patient's love the way they look and feel postsurgery!

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Body Contouring

Recapture Your Figure

Improve your shape and overall appearance with our body contouring techniques.  From abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) to brachioplasty (arm lift), we provide stunning transformations throughout the body.    We work closely with bariatric patients who have lost significant amounts of weight with our customized treatment plans and multidisciplinary approach.

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Breast Reduction


Reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction) allows us to reduce large, heavy breasts to provide women with functional and cosmetic improvements.  Women with macromastia are often burdened by significant back pain, shoulder pain, and bra strap grooving.  Through a precise technique, this procedure can reduce concerns associated with disproportionately large breasts.

Reconstructive Surgery


Through a vast array of surgical procedures, we specialize in different forms of reconstructive surgery for both males and females.  Our affiliation with local hospitals will ensure the best level of care with regard to your reconstructive needs.


Vaginal surgery/Labiaplasty


This procedure inherently demands a high level of responsibility, ethics, and skill.  Through cutting edge techniques, we are able to discretely remove excess labial tissue to improve physical discomfort that is often a result of enlarged labia.  This procedure has a high level of satisfaction and improves the appearance of intimate areas.

Pediatric plastic surgery


Even our youngest patients need a comforting experience to treat various conditions ranging from congenital malformations to traumatic wounds.    We cater to all age groups and provide warm, professional surgical care.

Facial rejuvenation


Our center provides a wide range of facial rejuvenation procedures including minimally invasive procedures to surgical treatment of changes to the neck, eyes, and facial structures.  Cosmetic procedures provide rejuvenation of aesthetic features for a more youthful and radiant appearance.  

Post-Mohs Repair/Skin cancer surgery


Mohs surgery is one of the most commonly performed dermatologic procedures to treat skin cancers such as squamous cell and basal cell carcinoma.  We work closely with a group of local dermatologists and moh's surgeons to repair defects created after the surgical treatment of such skin cancers.  Our goal is to restore you to the best possible form and function.  

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Nonsurgical treatments

Remember To Look Your Best

Nonsurgical procedures can significantly improve the appearance of many patients.  We provide a variety of services that can improve skin quality and provide a healthier-looking complexion.  See the detailed page regarding our noninvasive treatments.

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